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Rent Games for your event from Joystix!
Joystix Classic Games and Pinballs has one of the largest selections of games available to rent in the country. Joystix differs from our competition because most of our games are either brand new or in excellent refurbished condition. Other than the traditional video game, pinball machine, jukebox, or pool table, we also offer many unique items like our new digital photobooths, Pump it Up Dancing games, golf putting simulators and punching bag machines.

Many corporations use our games to spruce up their trade show booths, for company parties, and their breakrooms and individuals use us for added excitement for their parties at home. We also work with schools for Project Grads and fundraisers and our amusements are also a hit with party planners that want to add a little excitement to their event. Our staff is professional and courteous and we can deliver and pick up our games at a time that is convenient for you. With hundreds of satisfied customers, Joystix should be your first and only choice for all of your amusement needs.

Please feel free to call Charles at 713-224-2225 or email at charles@joystixgames.com for pricing and availability for your event.

most popular rental items

Worlds Largest Pac Man

This game is absolutely awesome! Play Pac Man on a huge 106 inch hi def screen!

Now one or two players can compete at the same time!

You can also add your own special graphics or p....

Manufacture: Namco
Year: 2016

Star Wars Battle Pod Flat Screen

Wow, check out these amazing games!

Star Wars Battle Pod Flat Screen Edition transports players to a galaxy far, far away and straight into the heart of battle!
Players will be able to t....

Manufacture: Namco
Year: 2016

Golden Tee Golf 2016 Online Home Edition

This Golden Tee 2016 Online Home Edition is made for the home market or anywhere where a Free Play application is preferred.

At last for only $99 per year you can register this game to be playe....

Manufacture: Incredible Technologies
Year: 2016

The Walking Dead Pro Edition

The Walking Dead TV series and comic book about a Zombie Apocalypse that is shown in over 120 countries has been made into a pinball machine!

The Pro model features LED lighting like those fou....

Manufacture: Stern
Year: 2014

One Arm Bandit Money Machine

This new money machine is perfect when space is a premium. The One Arm Bandit is equal in fun and reliability as the larger Money Traveler Money Machine.
This money machine is compact and sits ....

Manufacture: Fun Industries
Year: 2012


You are looking at possibly one of the greatest games every made and it includes up to 95 classic arcade games in one cabinet!
Do not be fooled by cheap imitations on the internet, this game is t....

Manufacture: Multicade
Year: 2017

Multicade Tabletop

The ultimate in cocktail video games now with a reduced price! Choose between woodgrain or our stylish black cabinet.
Now comes with a LCD scr....

Manufacture: Team Play
Year: 2017

JVL Echo

OUR BEST SELLER!!!This is the flagship touchscreen from JVL the ENCORE. This game contains over 150 games with over 20 of them in High Definition! The graphics come alive on the huge 22 inch LCD s....

Manufacture: JVL
Year: 2014

AC DC Premium

Sorry but we are sold out but still offer this game for daily rentals.
This machine looks beautiful and packs a powerful punch of enhancements. In addition to the stunning red accented legs, ....

Manufacture: Stern
Year: 2014

Arcade Legends 3

The much anticipated Arcade Legends sequel has arrived! NOW WITH up to 165 GAMES instead of the original 135 games all packed into this brand new cabinet including all 29 of the Golden Tee Complete co....

Manufacture: Chicago Gaming
Year: 2017

Pac Man Battle Royale

Namco has now released the first remake of Pac Man in over 20 years! In Pac Man Battle Royale one or up to four players can play at the same time! While you are playing the maze will contantly change....

Manufacture: Namco
Year: 2015

Pro Foosball III

This is our most popular home foosball table. Shelti is know for their supreme level of quality and you can definately see and feel the difference when you play. Game includes 3 goalie positioning....

Manufacture: Shelti
Year: 2017

Love Tester

Place your hand on the sensors and Dr. Love will tell your diagnosis!

Do you have Cold Feet or are you Hot Blooded? You will have to see!

Watch the video to the right to see how it p....

Manufacture: Impulse
Year: 2014

King of the Hammer II

Here is a new twist to an old classic. Everyone remembers at the carnival the Hi-Striker game that you hit with a hammer and the metal peg hit the bell.

Now you can play this modern gem that ....

Manufacture: Andamiro
Year: 2014

Grip Challenge

Push the start button and wait for red lights to come on.

Squeeze the grips as hard as you can! The stronger your grip, the higher your score.

The game measures your score on the LC....

Manufacture: Impulse
Year: 2014

Pop A Shot

Since 1986 Pop A Shots have been the most popular basketball game around. This Pop A Shot game features an all steel tube frame rather than a flimsy plastic or wire frame like most competitors models....

Manufacture: Pop A Shot
Year: 2015

Whack a Mole

This is a timeless classic revamped into a totally new and colorful cabinet. Your mission, to use your mallet to hit the moles as they rise up from the machine. This game may look like it is for y....

Manufacture: Bobs Space Racers
Year: 2013

Flaming Finger

This is a super fun game that you will have to play again and again! The goal of Flaming Finger is to use your finger against the screen and get to the end of the maze before the timer runs out. Du....

Manufacture: Namco
Year: 2010

Guitar Hero

Check out our new CLEARANCE price !
Finally, an arcade version of the most popular video game of all time! In Guitar Heroes, you can choose between 50 songs and jam out with the games 8 speake....

Manufacture: Raw Thrills
Year: 2009

Super Alpine Racer

Raw Thrills the maker of Sno Cross, Terminator, Guitar Hero and others have teamed up with Namco to build this awesome game.

The game features a HUGE 55 inch LED screen with LED lights in the....

Manufacture: Namco
Year: 2014

Galaxy 2 Darts

The Galaxy II is Arachnids newest soft tip electronic dart game. It contains all of the original Galaxy features and more! The Galaxy II comes with a flashy 15 inch color monitor for easier view....

Manufacture: Arachnid
Year: 2010

The Boxer with Red Cabinet

This is one of the hottest games on the market. The Boxer has been earning over $100 a day for many operators. Choose between either male or female and hit the ball as hard as you can. There is a....

Manufacture: Unique Game
Year: 2010

Ping Pong Table

This is a full size competition style ping pong table. This table can be easily moved and takes up very little room when folded up. This table is also available for rentals. ....

Manufacture: Stiga
Year: 2009

Hoop It Up

This is a fun and competative basketball game. Either one person can play or two can compete at the same time by hitting the basketball. The harder the ball is hit, the higher the balls will trave....

Manufacture: Atari
Year: 1996

Area 51

This is one of the most popular gun games ever made. One or two players can blast aliens in an attempt to conquer the elusive Area 51. Secret power ups like shotgun shells can be found hidden thro....

Manufacture: Atari
Year: 1995

Bull Strength Tester

One of our newest rental items! Wait till you see the red in the bulls eyes and squeeze his horns together as hard as you can!

The digital score will show your strength as well as your rankin....

Manufacture: Impulse
Year: 2014

Valley Cougar Pool Table

This is a very popular Valley Cougar Pool Table with new green felt installed. This pool table can be set up for coin or free play. Pool table comes with new balls, sticks, and chalk. This pool t....

Manufacture: Valley
Year: 1998

Super Chexx Hockey Coin Operated

This game is a Blast to play! Super Chexx is similar to foosball but plays much faster. This game has digital score and sensors that even tell if the player made a close shot! ....

Manufacture: ICE
Year: 2015

Digital Bubbler Jukebox

This is the perfect jukebox for your home or office! Chicago Gaming has done a beautiful job with their reproduction of the classic 1015 jukebox. Each side of the jukebox has bubble tubes and color....

Manufacture: Chicago Gaming
Year: 2013

Sideshow Shooting Gallery

Bring the carnival action to your next event or rental!

Aim at several different targets like the bowtie on the clown to make it spin, shoot the ducks and knock them down, and shoot the pies t....

Manufacture: Pan American
Year: 2014

2 Minute Drill

This is a fun game that can be played individually or by two people at the same time.

Each player has their own target to throw footballs through and each time they receive 2 points or 3 poin....

Manufacture: Twister
Year: 2016

Ice Cold Beer

This has to be one of the most challenging games ever made!

Use the left and right joystick to move the bar up and down and skillfully maneuver the steel ball into the correct lit hole.
Manufacture: Taito
Year: 1993

The Shocker

This is a brand new attraction that is sure to draw everyones attention!

Grab a seat and hold on as long as you can! The handles vibrate at a high frequency which simulates you being shocked!....

Manufacture: Elaut
Year: 2015

Putt Championship Edition

Check out this sleek new golf simulator from Chicago Gaming!

At the beginning of the game you can choose between 3 fun courses, The Las Vegas Strip, Putt 66, and Paradise Sands.

1-4 pla....

Manufacture: Chicago Gaming
Year: 2015

Mini Golf

Want to have something new and fun at your next event?

Check out these brand new mini golf courses! We have 6 to choose from with each one having its own unique characteristics.
Each cou....

Manufacture: Golf
Year: 2016

Big Buck Hunter HD 32 inch

This is the much anticipated sequel to Big Buck Hunter World. With BBH HD the graphics really come alive right before your eyes!

This is the first true 1080p high definition arcade game and y....

Manufacture: Raw Thrills
Year: 2013


This is a very popular touchscreen model jukebox from Touchtunes. There are colors that change on both sides of the box that really makes it come alive! This machine can be rented out for parties and....

Manufacture: Touchtunes
Year: 2010

Crossy Road Arcade

This is an addictive game that plays similar to Frogger.

One or two people can play at the same time.

Press the tap button to jump and after each successful jump you score 1 point. D....

Manufacture: Andrenaline Games
Year: 2016

Under the Knife

You grew up playing Operation as a kid, now play this fun grown up version!

Carefully extract the body parts without touching the sides!

If you do, the patients nose will light up and ....

Manufacture: Carvinal Pros
Year: 2016

Super Shuffle

This is a very fun twist on an old classic especially if you do not have the space for a traditional shuffleboard table.

Choose between several games such as Shuffleboard, Bowling, Shuffle All....

Manufacture: Arachnid
Year: 2014

Fast Draw

See how quick you really are at your fast draw skills!

Choose your skill level between Sheriff, Deputy, or Marshall.

Your gun must remain in the holster until you are given a signal to....

Manufacture: American Laser Games
Year: 1998

Skee Ball Classic Alley

This is the newest Skeeball alley on the market. The Classic Alley looks like the Skeeballs of old but with many new and stylish improvements.
- A large LED scoring display has been added

Manufacture: Skeeball
Year: 2015

Galaga Assault

Can you think of a better way to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the original Galaga?

This game looks amazing with a huge 42 inch hi-res monitor and enough LED lighting to light up an entire....

Manufacture: Bandai Namco
Year: 2016

Toy Soldier Single Crane

This is the popular 30 inch version of Toy Soldier. The game has a very vibrant cabinet and includes features such as cool music that plays while the game is playing, a prize detection sensor, metal ....

Manufacture: Coastal Amusements
Year: 2015

Maze Runner

This is an addicting game that is great for team building events. Place the golf ball in the start position and spin the maze to get the ball to the finish line as quick as possible!

Press th....

Manufacture: Fun
Year: 2016

Ten Strike Classic

This is a beautiful reproduction of a 1940s bowler. Only 125 were ever built!

The machine features digital scoring, high score save, and mechanical chimes when you get a strike or spare!

Manufacture: Bromley
Year: 20

Street Fighter Anniversary

This has to be one of the greatest games ever! Choose between 8 different Street Fighter games in the same cabinet!!!

Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II Champion Edition, Street Fighter II ....

Manufacture: Ultracade
Year: 2004

Hot Shots Basketball

This is a very unique and addicting basketball game from Midway.

At the start of the game the player can choose between 5 different games. They include Around the World, Repeat a Shot, 3 Point....

Manufacture: Midway
Year: 1995

Shoot the Bullet

This is one of our most popular rental items!

Two players can compete against each other or to make it more challenging, you can play with 4 players with two on each team.

The table f....

Manufacture: Champion
Year: 2012

Golden Tee 2014 Unplugged Slant Top

Five new courses are included including 30 classic courses from 2006-2011. This Golden Tee Unplugged features the same breathtaken graphics and game play from its counter part Golden Tee Live which ca....

Manufacture: Incredible Technologies
Year: 2014


This is the most popular basketball video game of all time! Each NBA team you pick has verious strengths and weaknesses that can be seen from the menu.

There are no fouls in this game so you ....

Manufacture: Midway
Year: 1993

Multi Williams

This is a brand new Multi Williams cabinet that features all the classic Williams games as well as a ton more!
This game features a LCD screen so the graphics are super crisp and a control panel w....

Manufacture: Team Play
Year: 2014

Big Buck Hunter Safari

We just received several Big Buck Hunter Safaris starting from $2695-$3995. One or two people can hunt against many new animals and new challenging stages. In addition, on every stage there is a tr....

Manufacture: Raw Thrills
Year: 2010

Zoltar Fortune Teller

This is the ultimate machine for any event! Let Zoltar be the life of the party. This machine is just like the one from the Tom Hanks movie BIG. Zoltar has been a VERY popular item rented out for....

Manufacture: Characters Unlimited
Year: 2011

Pump it Up NX2 Dance Machine

Wow, this is one of the hottest games on the market. Choose the music you want to dance to and dance by yourself or compete with a partner to see who is the greatest dancer. John Travolta eat yo....

Manufacture: Andamero
Year: 2008

Nascar Team Racing

WOW!!! Race in high definition on this 32 inch plasma racer! This unit is the standard unit but there is also a deluxe unit with a 42 inch plasma screen! Players can choose from 12 of NASCARs....

Manufacture: Global VR
Year: 2012

Putters Challenge 2

This is a compact version of the hugely popular Putters Challenge. Putters Challenge 2 has 3 levels of play. NOVICE PRO CHAMPION There are a total of 108 different greens and 1-4 people can pla....

Manufacture: ICE
Year: 2000

New Generation Photo ID Booth Brown Cabinet

This is the newest photo booth on the market. This photo booth is totally new in design and has features unlike the photo booths we grew up with long ago. In only 16 seconds, two sets of professiona....

Manufacture: Apple Industries
Year: 2011

The Traveler Money Machine

This is the ultimate machine to draw attention at any event! Money machines have been hugely successful at trade shows, bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, schools and church groups, fund raisers, night c....

Manufacture: Fun Industries
Year: 2009

Power Hockey Air Hockey

Our Power Hockey is rented and sold more than any other air hockey we carry. The action is super fast and the side scoring unit has an oversized display so your opponent can see they are losing to yo....

Manufacture: Great American Products
Year: 2013

Over the Top Arm Wrestling

This is one of the coolest games that I have ever played! At the start of the game you can push a button to select either between Male or Female opponents.
Once you select the gender you can t....

Manufacture: Andamiro
Year: 2013

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